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I come from a generation of flower children, easy riders and a British rock group with strange haircuts who sang about yellow submarines!  


We are called baby boomers and we are a mix bagged generation, but most of us had the same American Dream … work hard, get married, have kids and someday, when we reach our golden years, we would retire to a fun, carefree life of travel, golf, and grandkids.

Our Grandsons

Our Grandsons

But the recent economy has smacked that American Dream right where it hurts and a majority of us had to put our retirement plans on hold.

Who am I you ask? 

I thought it might be nice to share a little bit about who I really am.

I started my adult life just like many of you … I found a job, got married, and started a family. 

Most would have loved my life and my job, but, to be honest with you, I was restless.



Because I hated my job!  


Every day, hour, minute, and second I felt like my life and spirit were being stripped away.

I wanted a job where I was in control … and not something that was in control of me.

And so, in my early 20’s, I ventured into the entrepreneurial world and started my first business. 

I had a dream of building a business that would not only help me and my family but also help others, too!

My first business wasn’t quite the dream I had imagined, but it was a start. And surprisingly it was a huge success.  Well, maybe not so huge, but pretty darn big success!


And with that first business, I became an entrepreneur. 

Over the years, I have owned other businesses … some were successful and some were not, but eventually there was one type of business which caught and held my attention.  It was the network marketing business.

With my previous businesses, I worked long hours and, many times, 7 days a week, but with this new business, I discovered that I could work it around my family’s lives, instead of working my family around my business.

And, it wasn’t too long after I joined I realized this business gave me the avenue to help others achieve their dreams too!

It was a huge success for me in more ways than one.  To promote my business, I became a speaker and did speaking engagements for companies, groups, and universities, I mentored and coached a large team of entrepreneurs, I built a business with a strong foundation, and I grew… personally. 

I know now if I had stayed in the corporate world, I would never have had the personal growth and experiences I have had in this amazing industry!

But…after several years, with the network marketing company I had originally joined, I felt it was time to move on … to something new and more challenging.

On my journey, while I was searching for a new company… I started this blog, Simple iMarketing Solutions.

Through this blog, I share my years of experience and knowledge with individuals, just like you.

And as I built my blog, I was still looking at different network marketing businesses but found most were one of two things, either not what they appeared to be, or were too focused on the money and not on the quality of the products.

So… making a long story short… along came this young startup. 

Why did it stand out from all the rest? 

One reason was the founders.  I knew two of them, before they started this brand new company, and had always respected their integrity and honesty.

Plus, both are highly respected in their fields and have years of experience.

And the second reason… after researching the company’s products… I do believe they are the best in the market today.

They are all-natural and are designed for nutrition, but can be used for weight management and fitness.

If you are also looking for a company go no further than their founders.  Their past history should demonstrate their experience, integrity, and passion for helping others.  If they pass all three of these requirements, then, and only then, check out the companies products.

The products should be made with the highest quality and, this is the deciding factor, you should personally love them!

And don’t be afraid to jump on board with a brand new company.  Yes, it is a gamble, but two of the best parts of a new startup is your opportunity to work alongside the founders and even have a say on the direction the company will go. 

Whichever way you go in the entrepreneur world … make sure you research the company, founders, and product before you take the leap.  And I do wish you great success!

Thank yo for stopping by and I hope to see you again.


Remember, our lives are built around our choices … whether good or bad, but sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith to find our own personal American Dream.



Simple iMarketing Solutions by Donna


Donna Winegard

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur



Simple iMarketing Solutions – Internet Marketing Made Simple


BEFORE YOU GO:  I know each and every one of you reading this, have at one time or another thought about becoming or are currently an entrepreneur, but the lack of training and unified support system are probably the biggest factors holding you back.

If you are like I was and you are looking for something with great potential, that has a strong support system and with a high-quality product, then please take a moment to check out this brand new company.

I can’t lie, a new company always has some risk, but it also has some unbelievable opportunities for anyone who is willing to take the jump and join at the beginning.

Many of the top individuals with the major, well-established companies, were there at the beginning.  

If you want more information about this company, its products, and founders, please email me at ourhigherdreams@gmail.com


GRAMMAR AND CREATIVITY DISCLAIMER:  By now, I am sure you have realized my major in college wasn’t English or Education, but Art.  And, yes, my posts are filled with imperfections or, as I like to say, filled with creativity.  My point being… I hope you can look past my errors/creativity and, instead, focus on the information to help you build your business.