Building Your Direct Selling Business By Networking

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The Heart & Blood Of Your

Direct Selling Business



I read somewhere to keep from being overwhelmed when you first start in the direct selling industry, you should only focus on 6 areas of your business.   But to be honest with you… that seems overwhelming for me and I have been in this industry for 24 years.



Networking, Direct Selling

I feel you need a starting point … one that will help the other areas of your business. 


A starting point that you can practice and develop and become very good at and then move on to the next vital area of your business.


To me, the heart and blood of any business, especially direct sales & network marketing, is making connections.  Lots of connections. 


Lots of connections. 


From the grocery store, kid’s events, gym, to joining clubs, organizations, and volunteering at your child’s school.


You never know where a conversation will lead you!



So where do you start networking

for your direct-sales business?


#1… You should always have items with you that have your contact info on them … business cards, pens, small notepads, etc.  

You need to have something to give to others as you talk.  How many times has someone asked you for a pen or a piece of paper to write on?   Many times, when they see your business name, they will ask about it.


#2… If you have visited this blog before, then you know I love vendor events!  They allow you to go beyond your current circle of contacts and connect with new individuals.  

Vendor events give you the freedom to market your business to anyone and everyone as they pass by your booth.  

For more information about Vendor Events, check below and signup for my soon to be released 4 e-book series, Vendor Event Marketing Strategies.


#3… Never be afraid to engage people when you are out and about.  

Standing line at the grocery store, watching your son’s baseball game, sitting in the dentist office … your networking territory is unlimited.

You don’t have to be pushy … just friendly.  A warm smile and something as simple as talking about the weather could lead into a conversation where you could bring up what you do.  

Always remember, after your initial short comment about your business, be quiet and let them decide if they want to hear more.  If they ask a question, answer just enough to make them want more information.

Eventually, you will know if they are interested or not.  

If they are interested then your next step is to say, “I can see by your questions that you are interested in more information.  If you feel comfortable in doing so, why don’t you give me your contact info and I will call you later.  Is tomorrow at 3 a good time?

Make sure you give them a business card, tell them your name, shake their hand, and repeat the time you will be calling and thank them, using their name. 

But, if they say no, then that is OK.  Pull out a business card, thank them for chatting with you and shake their hand and say, “If you have any more questions please feel free to call me.”

Just get out there and practice, practice, practice.  You will be surprised how quickly you will develop the skills of networking and your direct-sales business will grow from the constant influx of prospects you connected with. 


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GRAMMAR AND CREATIVITY DISCLAIMER:  By now, I am sure you have realized my major in college wasn’t English or Education, but Art.  And, yes, my posts are filled with imperfections or, as I like to say, filled with creativity.  My point being … I hope you can look past my errors/creativity and, instead, focus on the information to help you build your business.

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