Are You Sharing the Right Facebook Business Page Address?




Are you in direct sales or network marketing? 

If so … then I bet many of you who are doing something that you should change right now … your company’s Facebook business page address! 

On your own personal profile page, over to the left of the page where it says INTRO … do you have your company listed? 

Of course, you do.  It is smart marketing!

But …  what web address shows up when you drag your cursor over your company’s name?

Is it your Facebook business page address or is it your company’s?


facebook business address, facebook business page address


That is what I figured … it is your company’s address, right?

Don’t feel bad, I was guilty of this too.

I was so focused on my business pages, that I never thought my personal profile page was all that important. 

But the truth is, most people like to snoop and their first trip is to your personal profile page to check out who you are and WHAT YOU DO!


So … yes, it is good to list the company you’re affiliated with, but don’t give them direct access to the company without going through you …

… in other words, through your Facebook business page address.

facebook business address, facebook page address



So first things first … do you have a Facebook business page?

If not, go and start one right now.  You can find the link to start a page on the left side of your NEWSFEEDS page…








Next … go back to your personal profile page and click on ABOUT.

This will take you to a page that looks like this …


facebook business address, facebook page address



Drag your cursor over the lower part of your WORK information and “EDIT YOUR WORK” will appear…


facebook business address, facebook page address


Click on Edit Your Work and the following page will appear.  Drag your cursor over your company and a little GLOBE and the word OPTIONS will appear.  Click on them and then on edit and, something like this will appear…



facebook business page address


As you can see…in my example, the company I am affiliated with, Jump Natural, is listed in the COMPANY section.

And my title is listed in the POSITION section.

And the company’s address is listed in the ADDRESS section.



If I was to leave it this way, every time someone visits my personal profile page and clicked on my company, Jump Natural, Jump’s Facebook page would pop up.


facebook business page addressSo, here is how to correct it now that you have a Facebook business page…

1)  In the COMPANY section, I cleared the company’s name and typed in my Facebook Business Page name.



2)  In the POSITION section, I left my title with the company (includes company name)

3)  I left the address blank, but you can add your home city.

After you have completed your changes, go to the bottom and click on SAVE CHANGES!


facebook business page address

Now go back to your personal profile page and drag your cursor over your business page name and ta da… your business page shows up.

And your title still states that you are a distributor of YOUR COMPANY.


facebook page business address


Now… one last step.  You want to make sure it appears correctly for your visitors.

So… go to the 3 TINY DOTS on the right side of your profile banner and click on them…


facebook business page


Next…click on VEIW AS.  This will allow you to view your personal profile page as a visitor…


facebook business page address


And, it should look something like this …


facebook business page address



SUCCESS!!! Now Everyone Will Be Directed To Your Facebook Business Page Address

There you are!  Now when visitors visit your personal profile page and click on your WORK info, it will take them to your Facebook Business Page … and there they can learn about you, your company, and find the link to YOUR PERSONAL website for your company.


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