Multiple Home-Based Businesses

Are You Juggling Too Many Home-Based Businesses?


A while ago I attended an excellent seminar for professional speaking.

For years I was a professional speaker.

My speaking engagements ranged from businesses to teacher workshops, church groups, community college/university business classes, and groups/organizations.

One of my most interesting speaking engagements was a series of presentations for female prisoners who preparing to be released.

I need to confess, at my first presentation with these ladies, I was extremely nervous but learned rather quickly they have the same dreams and desires as everyone else and they were very excited for a chance to live a normal, happy life.

Those presentations, with each group of ladies I worked with, ended up being my favorite speaking engagements.


Hard To Be An Expert When You Are Juggling Multiple Home-Based Businesses

home-based businesses, network marketingOk…back to subject and the seminar I attended.   One of the speaker’s comments was about doing multiple businesses …

… she said that it is really hard to be both an expert and successful in your field when you are juggling more than one business.

And I totally agree.

Especially in the home-based, network marketing industry.

I understand many at-home entrepreneurs feel they need to do more than one business to earn a decent income …

… but there lies the reason why they are struggling.


To be honest with you … it is hard to focus on more than one business.

If you are in the same dilemma, then my suggestion is to put your focus on the company who has the most options for success.


Which One Of The Companies For Your Home-Based Businesses …

  1. Has a great reputation?
  2. Loves to reward their team members? 
  3. Has a great comp plan?
  4. Great products you love to personally use?
  5. Products you both love to talk about and are easy to share with others?
  6. Has the type of products that would be easy and popular to sell in your area?
  7. Has the most supportive upline?
  8. Has the best support for online marketing?


When you decide which one of the companies you are affiliated with has the most positives from the list above …

… then make that your main company … your focus company.


Thinning Out The Distractions

And, now, I am going to play hard-line here … you need to thin out your companies.

After you find your focus company, you should eliminate the rest …

… because they are simply too much of a distraction for you build a successful business with your focus company.

This will allow you more time to focus on the company that has the best opportunity to be successful.

If you simply can’t eliminate the rest, then thin them down to one or two companies who will compliment your focus company.


What Do I Mean By That?

If your focus company’s products are nutritional & weight management, then a company who has skincare would compliment your overall theme about health.

And, finally, if you feel you have a non-supportive upline …

… it could be possible they are a bit hesitant to work with you since you have multiple companies.

They want to work with someone who is willing to put their full focus on their business …

… not a person who is trying to juggle multiple home-based businesses.


If I Were You Upline

As for me, if I was your upline, it would be easy to see you are driven, because of the number of businesses you have,  so I would sit down with you and have a heart to heart talk about focus and success.


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GRAMMAR AND CREATIVITY DISCLAIMER:  By now, I am sure you have realized my major in college wasn’t English or Education, but Art.  And, yes, my posts are filled with imperfections or, as I like to say, filled with creativity.  My point being … I hope you can look past my errors/creativity and, instead, focus on the information to help you build your business.


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