How Do You Answer “What Do You Do”?


Do you ever stumble when someone asks you … “What do you do?”  

How do you answer this question?

If you are like me, for years I stumbled over the words, because I didn’t know quite how to put them together so it would sound professional, without being too detailed and pushy.


I recently took a class where we were taught the answer to this tough question … How do you answer “What do you do?”


The instructor, who is much wiser than me, but shares many of the same philosophies as I do about how do you answer what do you do in network marketingthis industry, taught me and the other participants the correct verbiage to use when someone asks the above question.

So how do you answer, “What do you do?”

You probably say something like this…

“I sell weight loss and nutritional products that blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. You should check them out!”

And I am sure many of you have had the same reaction as I did… the individual, who were talking to, would slowly start back away with a panicked look on their face, thinking, “OMG…she is a salesperson!”

The word sell can sound scary to most people…but that is what we do.

We sell products or a service.

But…a simple change of words can change the whole feeling of the sentence.

Changing sell to ‘market’ can soften the entire sentence.

“I market weight loss and nutritional products that blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. You should check them out!”

As you can see… the word ‘market’, softens the first part of the comment, but what follows will still send people running for the nearest exit.

So to tweak your response even more… you need to take away the details and share the benefits.

“I market weight loss products for people who want lose weight but without the chemicals or extreme diets…people just like me.”

Can you hear how simple, non-pushy, and professional this one little sentence sounds?


How do you answer “What do you do?”  

Here is a simple checklist of do’s and don’ts…

  • Don’t say sell, but, instead, say “market”.
  • Share only information that will benefit your target audience.
  • Relate to them … “people just like me”.
  • Don’t give them all the details.
  • Let them ask questions for more information.
  • Keep your answers short by answering only the subject of their question…nothing more.
  • The less you say the more they ask.

Eventually, from the questions they ask, you will get clues if they are interested or not.

That is when you switch gears…

“From what I understand from your questions and comments, you want something that does _________________.  Is that correct?”

Their answer, to this question, should give you enough clues for you to know which direction they are leaning.

Yup…it is that simple.

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