Jump Natural™ was created to help people, just like

you,live the healthy life of your dreams…


“It isn’t just a shake company … it is a




At Jump Natural™, we are focused on bringing the best of nature and science into unique, innovative all-natural products that work and taste great too.

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Jump Natural™ is about more than just health, though.

Jump Natural™ is about creating a family of people that care about helping others achieve their dreams for a better life; for themselves and those around them.

With products that work, a compensation plan that rewards helping others, and a team of people committed to making a difference in the world, at Jump Natural™, together we can all achieve more.

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Founded by a team that helped create and sell ultra-successful health products across the world, our founders have come together again to create something that will encourage positive lifestyle change, backed by a company that can be bigger than the sum of its parts.


Jump Natural™ is founded for all of us that simply care about living healthy, giving back to others, and helping others earn extra income to care for their families.


It’s truly that simple!





OUR VALUESjump naturals values


We are built on the values of FUN, SIMPLE, MEANINGFUL. We and our family of independent executives value living healthier, earning extra income and having fun doing it.












Whether you want to live a little healthier, lose weight or get fit, Jump Natural™ has the products that can help you achieve your goals.

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At Jump Natural™ we believe that nutrition matters, so we use only the best ingredients from around the world to help support the healthy lifestyle that you deserve.

Each product was designed to help deliver a result, and address a need, providing nutrient-based solutions. 

At the CORE of Jump Natural™ is nutrition.

This is why we have the Jump CORE™ nutritional shake mix, and the Jump V-PRO™ plant based protein powder.

No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Gluten Free.



They taste great and can be used to get good nutrition, balanced protein, support good gut health, and help you manage your nutrition and weight goals.

For more information about the products or to place an order … click on the button below…


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Our easy-to-read compensation plan consists of 8 ways to make money. The simplicity of our plan is what makes it so great! Jump Natural™ 8 ways to earn income:

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1) Retail Profit

2) Personal Sales Bonus…Earn an additional 5% or 10%  bonus.

3) Jump Start Bonus… For helping your team members within their first 30 days!

4) Accelerator Bonus… Earn the accelerator bonus when you achieve the rank of Bronze Executive and Silver Executive.

5) 3PC, Get it free… Get three preferred auto-ship customers and you can earn FREE products next month!

6) Team Commissions… Paid up to eight levels deep (paid monthly).

7) 2% Global Infinity… The Global Infinity Bonus of 2% at Jump is for every level from Platinum Executive and up.

8) Dream Bonus… Unlock your potential with our ‪Dream Bonus! Hard work deserves an amazing bonus and the Dream Bonus is exactly that!

What better way to reward you for your hard work than by offering cash rewards instead of automotive liabilities. 

We let you decide how to live your dream.

And with up to $9,500 per month in Dream Bonus rewards, your dreams are closer than you think.

Plus, you receive a discount on all product purchases.

And, every rank unlocks a new door.


So now what?

You are here for a reason … whether you were curious or you were looking for something?  

The next step is up to you!  

1) Want more information … then please email me at ourhigherdreams@gmail.com

2) Or you are ready to join my team and start an amazing new adventure?  Then click on the link below and as soon as you have joined, I will contact you and we can start setting everything into motion…

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3) Or you aren’t sure and want to think about it…then make sure you bookmark this page.



Who am I you ask?  


Simple iMarketing Solutions by DonnaI thought it might be nice to share a little bit about who I really am.

I started my adult life just like many of you … I found a job, got married, and started a family. 

Most would have loved my life and my job, but, to be honest with you, I was restless.



Because I hated my job!   


Every day, hour, minute, and second I felt like my life and spirit were being stripped away.

I wanted a job where I was in control … and not something that was in control of me.

And so, in my early 20’s, I ventured into the entrepreneurial world and started my first business. 

I had a dream of building a business that would not only help me and my family, but also help others, too!

My first business wasn’t quite the dream I had imagined, but it was a start. And surprisingly it was a huge success.  Well, maybe not so huge, but pretty darn big success!


And with that first business, I became an entrepreneur. 


Over the years, I have owned other businesses … some were successful and some were not, but eventually there was one type of business which caught and held my attention.  It was the network marketing business.

With my previous businesses, I worked long hours and, many times, 7 days a week, but with this new business, I discovered that I could work it around my family’s lives, instead of working my family around my business.

And, it wasn’t too long after I joined I realized this business gave me the avenue to help others achieve their dreams too!

It was a huge success for me in more ways than one.  To promote my business, I became a speaker and did speaking engagements for companies, groups, and universities, I mentored and coached a large team of entrepreneurs, I built a business with a strong foundation, and I grew… personally. 

I know now if I had stayed in the corporate world, I would never have had the personal growth and experiences I have had in this amazing industry!

But…after several years, with the network marketing company I had originally joined, I felt it was time to move on … to something new and more challenging.

On my journey, while I was searching for a new company… I started a blog, Simple iMarketing Solutions.

Through the blog, I could share my years of experience and knowledge with others.

And as I built my blog, I was still looking at different network marketing businesses but found most were one of two things, either not what they appeared to be, or were too focused on the money and not on the quality of the products.

So… making a long story short… along came Jump Natural™. 

Why did it stand out from all the rest? 

One reason was the founders.  I knew two of them, before they started Jump Natural™, and had always respected their integrity and honesty.

Plus, both are highly respected in their fields and have years of experience.

And the second reason… after researching Jump Natural’s products… I do believe they are the best in the market today.

They are all-natural and are designed for nutrition, but can be used for weight management and fitness.

If you have been looking for a brand new company with all the right variables … the right products, the right founders with years of experience, the right time (natural and healthy products are what people are looking for right now) and the potential for major growth, then please contact me at ourhigherdream@gmail.com


So are you ready now?


Either I bored you to death (I sometimes do that to people) or you are convinced!

If you are convinced … then here is YOUR link to your NEW lifestyle journey…



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