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jump natural distributor in iowa


Looking for a Jump Natural Distributor in Iowa? 

Hi there … I am a Founding Jump Natural Distributor in Iowa!

My name is Donna and I am the author of this blog and a founding Jump Natural™ distributor in Iowa.

If you have read any of my posts on this blog, then you probably have figured out I have been in Network Marketing for several years.  

But I didn’t start out in this industry.

Like most of us, I started my adult life with a dead end corporate job.

I hated my job.  I have always been a person who enjoys thinking outside the box and the corporate world prefers to keep their employees’ creative thoughts  contained inside a cubicle.

jump natural distributor in iowaSo…needless to say, that job didn’t last long. 

It wasn’t because I was fired … it was because, in my early 20’s, I decided to start a business.

I had a dream of building a business that would not only help me and my family, but also help others, too!

My first business wasn’t quite the dream I had imagined, but it was a start. And surprisingly it was a huge success.  Well, maybe not so huge, but pretty darn big success!


And with that first business, I became an entrepreneur. 

jump natural distributor in iowaOver the years, I’ve owned other businesses … some were successful and some were not, but eventually along came my true love …  the network marketing industry.

Since I entered this industry, I have learned a mountain of valuable lessons and information while building a successful business and team.

And that is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog … to help others.

Because, even though I had owned other businesses, I had know no idea what I was doing when I joined my first network marketing business.

Most of what I know now was through trial and error.

Yes … the company I was affiliated with had their own training program … but the scripts they provided made me feel fake.

So, I have to be honest with you, I struggled for a long while until I found my own words and system.

But when I did, my business and my team flourished.



One important factor to remember when you join a network marketing company, your business is only as good as it’s foundation. 

Building a team is an essential part of building your network marketing business.

Almost all new prospects will have doubts, at first, and that is to be expected … and it is up to us to answer those doubts and questions with honest, but positive realistic responses.


jump natural distributor in iowaIn John Kalench’s book, “Being the Best You Can Be in MLM“, he lays out the 5 key questions a prospect has when thinking about joining a company and I am pretty sure you have these same questions too…

1)  Is this business simple?                                    

2)  Is it fun?                                                              

3)  Can I make money doing this?                  

4)  Will you and the company help me?       

5)  It this the right time for me to join?

And the answer to all these questions can be yes.  Why do I say the answer can be yes?   Because it is up to you!


What Is Required Of You To Build A Successful Business?

As a Jump Natural distributor in Iowa … I first want to make sure you understand what is required of you to build a successful network marketing business…  

jump natural distributor in iowa1)  You will need to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis.

2)  You will be selling, not sharing.

3)  You will need to understand getting a no is not a sign of failure.  It is only a failure when you quit because you received a no.

And, I am going to give you a heads up … you will receive more no’s than yeses while growing your business.

3)  You will need to be consistent and work hard to build a successful business.

4)  You will need to be flexible.  This means to keep trying different options until YOU find the option that works for YOU personally.

5)  You will need to be open to constructive criticism and positive suggestions.

6)  You will also need to understand this is not an overnight successful business venture.  It will require months, if not years, to achieve the success you desire.


And for my part, I promise to not overwhelm you… I will give you simple, step by step support to guide you as you grow into being a successful entrepreneur.



Why Jump Natural™?


jump natural distributor in iowaAfter several years with the company I had originally joined, I felt it was time to move on … to something new and more challenging.

While on my journey, I started this blog, Simple iMarketing Solutions.

And as I built my blog, I kept looking at different network marketing businesses but found most were one of two things, either not what they appeared to be, or were too focused on the money and not on the quality of the products.

So … making a long story short … along came Jump Natural™. 



Why Did I Decide To Become A Founding Jump Natural Distributor In Iowa?

Jump Natural is a new company and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be joining a brand new company…but I have discovered there are several perks with a new company.  One of which is communicating directly with the founders anytime I want.

But here is why I decided to become a founding Jump Natural distributor in Iowa…

1)  Jump Natural™ is about real science and real results.jump natural distributor in iowa

I know what I just said sounds a bit corny, but that was very important to me.

2)  Because of the founders. 

I knew two of them, before they started Jump Natural™, and had always respected their integrity and honesty.

Both individuals are highly respected in their fields and have years of experience.

3)  The products.  They are truly all natural … not all products can make that claim. 

I am proud to say they do not contain any artificial ingredients.

The products were purposely designed, based on real science, for the individual who would like to eat healthy and lose weight, but who doesn’t have the time for complicated programs.

4)  The products taste amazing!


jump natural distributor in iowa

Jump Natural™ Comp Plan

The Jump Natural™ comp plan is simple.

It is easy to read and consists of 8 ways to make money.

It is designed for everyone — part-time and full-time.  And it doesn’t matter if you are Jump Natural distributor in Iowa or across the country…it is designed for everyone!

And… this plan rewards on ALL levels … plus, a Dream Bonus that starts at the Bronze level.

No big fake checks or flashy luxury vehicles where you could get stuck with a payment, our Dream Bonus is a real tangible reward that’s paid out monthly.

Eight simple ways…

1)  Retail Profit

2)  Personal Sales Bonus

3)  Jump Start Bonus … by helping your new team members within their first 30 days.

4)  Accelerator Bonus … when you achieve the rank of Bronze.

5)  Team Commissions

6)  2% Global Infinity

7)  3PC, Get it Free!

8)  Dream Bonus


Take a look and see how fun, simple and rewarding our comp plan can be…




jump natural distributor in iowa


Join my team today as a Jump Natural™ Executive and I will help you build your future.

That is a promise from me…your Founding Jump Natural Distributor in Iowa…



Want more info … Send email to thisboomercantweight@gmail.com





GRAMMAR AND CREATIVITY DISCLAIMER:  By now, I am sure you have realized my major in college wasn’t English or Education, but Art.  And, yes, my posts are filled with imperfections or, as I like to say, filled with creativity.  My point being … I hope you can look past my errors/creativity and, instead, focus on the information to help you build your business.


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