Lead Magnet In 14 Simple Steps

Lead MagnetRecently, I talked about what a Lead Magnet is and, today, I am going to explain how to make one.

But, unlike most of the “How To Guides” out there … this is just a simple step by step on the basics of making  a lead magnet … from the idea to the autoresponder email.

I believe in simplicity, because the more complicated something is, the least likely a person will do it. 

I rather you put together a simple lead magnet than to keep putting off a complicated one.

You can always go back after you have made it and tweak it until it is perfect.

If you are looking for tips on maximizing your traffic or your conversion. then this post isn’t for you.



Lead Magnet Basics

A lead magnet can be a one sheet cheat sheet, multi-page ebook, 2-minute video, minicourses, etc.

My favorite is ebooks, but yours might be videos or email minicourses.


Your Lead Magnet … Where Do You Start?

1)  Determine what is important to your audience.

What one thing your audience would love to learn more about … something to help them personally or for their business?


  • If you sell skincare and makeup … do you think they would love to learn more about makeup application or tips to help keep their skin looking younger?
  • If you sell jewelry … do you think they would love to learn more about how to coordinate their jewelry with their different outfits.
  • If you sell spices … do you think they would love easy, quick recipes for their busy everyday lives.

If you aren’t sure what your audience would love the most … then send a survey to your current customers with a list of subjects and let them choose what is important to them.

SPECIAL NOTE:  When making your lead magnet…it shouldn’t be an advertisement for your products or services.  It should be filled with valuable information to help your lead solve a problem or learn something new.   Later, in your emails… you can pop in little comments, ads, and promotions about your products & services here and there, but your emails still should be filled with tips and information to help your leads.


2)   Give value.  Your lead magnet needs to contain information that will be valuable to your audience!!!


3)   Make it FREE!  Yup … a FREE lead magnet with valuable information and tips … your audience won’t be able to resist.


4)   Make no false promises or expectations.  Just pure, truthful, helpful information. 


5)   Do it right!  Don’t cut corners.  But with that said … get it done first, you can always go back and improve it. 


6)   Your Facebook Ad … keep it simple.  Minimal wording and to the point.  I suggest your ad shouldn’t be longer than 2 to 4 lines of copy.  

  • Newsfeed ad is what most experts recommend.
  • Lead with a call to action … use words like … download, copy & paste, etc.
  • Put in the ad an amount … 10 Tips, 20 designs, etc.
  • What can they expect when they download this file (be honest)… “quick and easy recipes your family will love”.


7)  After you have made your lead magnet and placed the ad … you can always go back and tweak your lead magnet to increase your email signups.  


cheat sheet

8)   Used clear graphics and pictures.  Need help … check out Fiverr.  Simply go to Fiverr and type in the search box, “Lead Magnet”.   The search will display several designers for you to choose from.  The cost … starting at $5.


9)   Setup an email marketing system that includes an autoresponder.   There are several different Email Marketing websites that offer this service to capture your leads and then automatically send out time-based or event-based messages that you personally create. 

Here are a few…

  • Get Response
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber

I use Get Response Email Marketing and love it.  It provides services like landing pages, newsletters, autoresponder emails, file sharing, etc.

I am sure all of the above email marketing websites have several of the same options too.


lead magnet

10)  Setup a landing page.  A page where your possible new lead will be sent to share their email to receive their free lead magnet.

There are several options to help you make a landing page, from your email marketing provider to Leadpages.net.

I use my email provider, Get Response, landing page option because it simplifies the whole process since everything is one place.

TIP:  When making your landing page, keep it simple.  Minimal copy, clear graphics, and a great “call to action” button.

NOTE:  The example to the right isn’t perfect and that is why I am showing it to you, because I know from experience, that if you wait until you get it perfect, you probably won’t get it done.


11)  The email information will then be sent to your email marketing account and, within a few minutes, an email will be sent automatically to your new lead with the link to your lead magnet.


12)  How do you set up a download link for your lead magnet?  Your next step is to determine where you are going to store your lead magnet?  Meaning, you will need to store the lead magnet somewhere so it can be easily shared in the email to your new lead.

Here are a few options…

Drop Box

Google Drive

Get Response   (I have to confess, I will get financial gain if you sign up with Get Response 🙂

Some autoresponders will also have an option for sharing files like your lead magnet.

With Get Response you can upload the file to your account’s multimedia section.  After you upload it, you can then copy the link to the file to put into your autoresponder email so your new lead can download the lead magnet. 


13)  From this point on…through your email marketing system, you can set up emails to be automatically sent to your leads.  These emails will allow your new leads to get to know you through personal stories, sharing your knowledge and tips, promotions, info about your products, etc.  


14)   And finally, as I said earlier…there are more detailed guides to help you polish your lead magnet so you can increase your lead list…

19 Ideas For Killer Lead Magnets  

From Beginner To Pro:  A Complete Guide to Tripling Your Email Conversion  

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