Network Marketing Prospecting Tip – The Casual Conversation


Network Marketing prospecting requires you to step out of your comfort zone, but it can be as simple as striking up a conversation.


For example… I was in the shoe department of a local store yesterday. I wasn’t there to find a prospect … I was there looking for some shoes to wear when I am working in my yard.


Network Marketing ProspectingWhile I was there I overheard a woman talking to an employee about shoes. She had asked if the shoes she was holding were made for running.



Later, as I was searching for the right shoe, our paths crossed. So… I decided to strike up a conversation…
I said, “I couldn’t help hearing your conversation about shoes. Are you a runner?”
She replied no and explained she tries to walk every day and needed some good, comfortable shoes for walking.
I told her I recently started running again, but my walking steps still out-number my running steps.
As we chatted, I learned more about her … where she did her walking, how long she had been walking, and that she was focused on being active and living a healthier lifestyle.
And since my 2nd business is in the health and wellness industry … her answers opened a totally new direction in our conversation.
“I understand what you mean. I have been walking and now running to stay active and healthy, too. Plus, I try to watch what I eat because I run a business which tends to keep me rather busy.”
“Oh…really. What is your business?”

“It is a health & nutrition business?”
 “What is the name of it?”



As you can see… it was really easy to strike up a conversation. And at first, that was my only goal … just to chat with someone.
But, after asking her a few questions… I also learned she was a good prospect for my products.


Using the Network Marketing Prospecting Tip – The Casual Conversation

Simply chatting and asking questions not only develops a little trust, but it can also help you learn their needs and goals which will allow you to eventually introduce a possible solution.

Note: I never force my business onto a person. After they ask the question… I will politely answer enough to make them ask another… and another… and eventually, I will either give them a sample, get their name, or schedule an appointment.

But, if they aren’t interested… that is ok. My original goal was to strike up a conversation … where that conversation leads to is totally up to the person I am talking to and the clues they share with me.



UPDATE:  I recently took a class, by Kim Klaver, and was reminded of a simple phrase, something I used to use years ago, in my casual conversations, and eventually forgot about until the class.


It is a way to end the conversation without feeling salesy or pushy but gives you a second opportunity to find a new prospect.  


Here is the phrase I use to use…


Me:  That is ok if you aren’t interested…this product isn’t for everyone, but I do have one question for you…”Would you know anyone who would want to know about a product like that?”


I highly recommend KIm’s class… Cadaver Calling Challenge


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GRAMMAR AND CREATIVITY DISCLAIMER:  By now, I am sure you have realized my major in college wasn’t English or Education, but Art.  And, yes, my posts are filled with imperfections or, as I like to say, filled with creativity.  My point being … I hope you can look past my errors/creativity and, instead, focus on the information to help you build your business.


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