Office Presentation In Network Marketing


Are you having a hard time finding your next lead?  Or is it booking parties that seems to be the problem?  Well, then, maybe it is time for you to consider doing an office presentation.

Years ago… I was frustrated because it seemed no matter what I did, my business wasn’t growing. network marketing office presentations 

My business was stuck!   And I do mean stuck!!!

And no matter what I tried … nothing worked.  

I knew I needed to do something, but it wasn’t until I decided to step out of my comfort zone and into a whole new world of marketing…

…did I find my answer.

My answer was the “office presentation”!

The office presentation ended up being the meat and potatoes for building my successful network marketing business. 

I am sure your question is, “What do you do at an office presentation? 

You do a presentation that can personally benefit the employees.

For example:

  • If you sell spices…you could talk about how to make easy crockpot meals to save attendees time and money, with recipes that include your spices.
  • If you sell nutritional products… you could talk about how to live a healthier lifestyle by destressing and sharing healthy recipes that also include your products.
  • If you sell jewelry…you could talk about coordinating jewelry with professional & casual wardrobes, using the jewelry you sell, to help demostrate.

The whole idea is to market your business by teaching the staff something useful for their professional and/or personal lives.  

Your products shouldn’t take the main stage in your presentation … they are more like the props to make everything work right.  


At An Office Presentation, You Are Working For The Business

When I schedule these events, I always tell the person in charge that I am working for them and I will not be selling my products, unless they want me to.

But, I would ask, “If it is ok with you, I like to have a signup form available for anyone who is interested.” 

In all my years in booking an office presentation, I have never had anyone say no to the signup form and some even told me I could sell at the presentation.

Either way, it has been a win-win situation for marketing my business!


The Benefits Of Doing A Office Presentation

The Office Presentation is an inexpensive option for marketing your business and a fun one too!

The marketing benefits are amazing… the presentation allows you to be in front of multiple individuals to introduce your business and yourself, as an expert.

From these presentations, you have the opportunity to gain new customers, book parties, sign up new team members, and train team members so they can use this option to build their business too.

But remember…do your homework.


Please check back because there will be more to come about the Office Presentation/Lunch & Learn.



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