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Three Part eBook Series



vendor event marketingThis 3 Part Series is the Ultimate Guide To Vendor Event Marketing!

 Do You Feel You Have Been Wasting Your Time & Money Doing Vendor Events?



Knowing the right way to market your business can mean the difference between success and failure.

And knowing the right way to market your booth, at a vendor event, can be the key to generating an additional income in the thousands!

Yes … I said thousands!

A vendor event allows you to step out of your small world, with limited access to finding new prospects, to a whole new world filled with hundreds of potential clients, customers, and team members.

Unlike a cold, flat ad on the back page of a newspaper or a non-personal ad that flashes across someone’s social media timeline, a vendor event gives you the opportunity to advertise “face to face” … in person, looking professional, but also warm and friendly, while you build rapport and trust as you promote your products, your business, and yourself.



Over 23 Years of Experience

In Booth Marketing

I have been involved in some type of home-based business most of my adult life and, for the last 23+ years, I have been in the direct sales/network marketing industry.

When I first started in this industry, I did like everyone else.

I approached my warm list of family and friends and quickly discovered the list wasn’t as warm as the word describes and was unmercifully shot down!

It was pretty bloody.


vendor event marketing

At first, I was totally devastated. 

But, then, after I picked up the pieces of my dreaded NO encounter, I started to search for my next avenue for finding new prospects.

It actually came by chance … and it was huge!

It was a bridal show.  One of the largest in the area and very successful.



vendor event marketing At first, I was hesitant, because I had never participated in any event and this was the granddaddy of vendor events!

But my need to find new prospects was stronger than my fear of the unknown.

So I blindly leaped in with both feet.

And, today, I am proud to say I survived, but it wasn’t pretty.

Even with all my mistakes, it was still a success for me and my business.


I was hooked!


Since that first bridal show, I have literally done hundreds of events, from tiny little church events to huge expos.



Vendor Events Marketing Strategie I

vendor event marketing strategies, vendor event ebooks, vendor eventsA Guide For Finding

The Right Event


This book is directed toward the new person in the industry, but still has some great tips for the veteran vendors, too. 

It explains in detail, on where and how to find both big and small events.  

But… the biggest dilemma after you find an event, is determining if it is going to be a successful event for your and your business! 

Knowing the right questions to ask could save you both time and your money.

If you have already done events, then you know how some events can be a complete fail!



Vendor Event Marketing Strategies eBooks, Vendor Event Marketing, Vendor Events

In this book, you will learn the right questions to ask on how to find the right event, for you and your business.

This book completely maps out what questions you should be asking before you sign on the dotted line.


Questions such as…

  • Right location
  • Right date
  • Advertising
  • Experience of the event organizer
  • Big VS Small Events
  • Small Events … Which ones are the best?  Which ones should you avoid?
  • And much, much more



Teamwork Booth Guide


Vendor Event Marketing

Your business can’t grow without new prospects and it can’t thrive without a team.

And neither can your team’s businesses.

Teaching your team how to have a successful vendor event will help them build their prospect list for future customers and team members.

And their success will create a stronger foundation for lasting success for your own business.



This book will show you how to train and work successfully with your team at vendor events…

  • Setting expectations
  • Setting up booth schedules
  • Setting guidelines and rules
  • Also, contains a complete Team Checklist of Do’s & Don’ts




At The Event

Complete Guide


Marketing your booth to its full potential!

A vendor event allows you a more personal approach to advertising your business, but how do you get the crowd’s attention?   

1st…not by being a circus barker!  That will drive the crowd away!

You first start with the display.  

One that will catch the eye of the crowd and draw their attention to your booth.

And then you use the Golden 2 Second Rule to help determine who is interested and who isn’t.  

And when you have done it right, you will never have to take on the role of a circus barker, ever again, to find your next prospect.


In this book, you will learn…

  • Why being early to setup has it’s definite advantagesvendor event marketing
  • What is the best location for your booth
  • What message are you personally sending to the crowd
  • How to make your booth a crowd magnet
  • The 2 Second Rule
  • How to avoid the “Freebie Crowd”
  • How to start a conversation
  • Tips on qualifying leads
  • How to follow up



I can honestly tell you these books are worth much, much more, but I also know many of you entrepreneurs are on a tight budget and so I decided to keep the price low.  And to help you out even more… I am lowering them even more… for a limited time!


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